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Global Warming and the Consumption of Meat.

Meat is a Major Global Warming Cause. (Part 2)

Article was posted by Mike Smith. Jan. 27 2008 & Updated Sept. 3, 2009 and June 2015
Editor claims no copyrights to the article, which is posted only as a public awareness service.

People of the world "Pay Attention and put that hamburger down! Our carnivorous habits are hugely responsible for the dire threat of global warming. Did you know that American giant corporations, such as McDonalds, are the one of the largest contributors of deforestation in order to gain more pasture for their owned and purchased livestock? It's no longer just about our individual desires and habits... it's about our very survival.

"The Burning Earth"

Warning these images and videos are very graphic. Must be 18 or over to view these pages.

Boycott meat, says UN climate chief; People should consider eating less meat as a way of combating global warming and the rapid decline of peoples health, says the UN's top climate scientist.

Watch The below Video about "What you are Eating!"


Watch the below video and try and convince yourself that humans are not barbaric and blood thirsty!



What has eyes, intelligent people do not eatHelp Us Help The Animals. DoNotEatUs.org

Creatures that share our world...should not be consumed by Intelligent People! So, if you value yourself an intelligent person...stop your murder & cannibalism!!!

Why we shouldn't eat meat!!!

Every year 45 billion animals are killed worldwide for human consumption. For example, in Germany it is 332,100,000 roasting chickens, 40,200,000 pigs, 24,000,000 soup chickens, 20,300,000 turkeys, 14,200,000 ducks, 4,100,000 cows, 1,000,000 geese, 900,000 sheep or goats and 7,500 horses. And in the US the numbers are even greater: In 2002, for example, a total of 10.1 billion animals were killed and raised for food. These included for instance, 41 million cattle and calves, 116 million pigs, 4.2 million sheep, 304 million turkeys, 25,6 million ducks, as well as 2,133 million broilers and 484 million laying hens.

There is no intelligent reason for this! Because: Eating meat is barbaric. Eating meat makes you unhealthy. Eating meat causes global suffering and global warming. Raising food animals depletes our rain forest, poisons our water and pollutes our soil and air. What has eyes, intelligent people do not eat. Animals were created by the same forces that created us and are not here for our dining.

Eating Meat from Murdered Animals Is Cruel & unhealthy! 

Watch the below video and tell me if you still think there is hope for mankind?


The Animals Lament:

The Pig Ghetto: “In groups of 80 to 200 animals, we pigs are kept on gratings in nearly constant darkness. We stand on split flooring with no straw on it, which often leads to The Animals Lament damaged joints. We are produced as if in a factory. The breeding sows are artificially inseminated in individual pens. During their 15 weeks of pregnancy, they are kept vegetating in very dimly lit tiny concrete stalls. To give birth they are tied up in special birthing pens. They can hardly move, and can merely stand up and then lie down again. So it is impossible for them to care for their young.”

This small mammal deserves to live and be free the same as you, and me, as well as our children. In the left photo doctors, scientists, cut the skull off the money and left him with devices embedded in his open brain. This is happening to tens of thousands of monkeys and other animals around the globe. It is sic...sic...and serves no real medical evaluation or purpose. They actually inserted steel wires into it's eyes during the operation in making sure it did not move. I saw a video where the monkey was actually scratching his brain.

The Hen “Torture Chamber”: “We laying hens vegetate away our brief lives in Hen Torture Chamber windowless halls where we live in group cages up to 8 stories high. Twenty-two hens share 1 square meter of space; and the stench is unbearable. Already after 14-18 months of the hen torture chamber, our egg-laying perform­ance is not high enough, and so we land in the soup pot. How­ever, up to 20% of us do not even survive these 1 1/2 years: We die of stress, infec­tion, bone dis­ease, etc.”



Human beings are the only animal to drink breast milk beyond infancy. Humans drink the cow's breast milk that was meant for it's baby calf that was taken away from its mother a few days after birth. It was then butchered so a human cannibal could eat it's flesh!

The Calf Prison: “We are shut into narrow wooden pens, The Calf Prison where we can hardly move. Right up until our murder, which you call slaughter, we are not given more than 1 square meter of space – this is how those who fatten us maximize their prof­its. Instead of mother’s milk we get only a fatty, white brew, consisting of skim-milk powder, tallow, whale fat and lots of salt. We get terribly thirsty from all the salt and since we do not get any water, we drink even more of the salty brew. In this way, we are fattened to our slaughtering weight in a very short time. During our whole brief and lonely life, we never even see a green meadow. We see the sun for the first time on our way to the slaughterhouse.”

Turkey Death by Bleeding: “We turkeys in factory farming suffer even more than Death Cell chickens being fattened for slaughter. Since our breast is the most desirable and expensive piece, our skeleton, legs and ligaments are bent under the weight of our flesh because they cannot bear the accelerated weight of our hormonal growth. At the end of our 22-week lives, we slide around in our own increment or we lie on our extra-wide and heavy breast. Just like the hen torture chambers, our beaks and those of ducks are cut off without anesthesia. Pain and horrendous schock are the result - comparable to having your human lips cut off.”

The Animals Lament;
Miserable transport: “You transport us thousands of kilometers all through the continent. We are crammed into the tightest and most miserable transport space for days, without water, without food, and  in unbearable heat, in icy cold, with broken bones and/or open wounds. Many of us do not survive the transportation. We die of thirst; we are crushed; we die of severe injuries or from panic and stress. When unloading at the slaughterhouse, many of us are so weak that we can’t even walk 100 meters further. In impatience and sheer cruelty, and in making move more quickly, we are prodded with metal hooks in the mouth, eyes or anus.”

Do you really want to eat such disgusting carcasses?

Brutality in the Slaughter­house: “When the butchers slit our throats, cut us wide open, and saw off our legs we are often still conscious. We bellow on the hooks; we twitch in death anxiety and under hellish pain. And the animals next in line have to witness the final agonies of their brothers and sisters, knowing that it will be exactly the same for them. But you know no mercy. Being a butcher may be just a job to you, but you are murdering us simply because humans want to eat us!"

The Execution: “You try to numb us with  electric tongs. The pain shoots through our head, our whole body, like a bolt of lightening. You think we don’t feel anything, when after the electric shock you throw us into boiling water to burn the hair and soften our hides for skinning. But your numbing doesn’t work for very long. We experience tormenting pain, panic and shock when our lungs fill with boiling hot water ...a terrible death!”

The Hen “Torture Chamber”: “We laying hens vegetate away our brief lives in Hen Torture Chamber windowless halls where we live in group cages up to 8 stories high. Twenty-two hens share 1 square meter of space; and the stench is unbearable. Already after 14-18 months of the hen torture chamber, our egg-laying perform­ance is not high enough, and so we land in the soup pot. How­ever, up to 20% of us do not even survive these 1 1/2 years: We die of stress, infec­tion, bone dis­ease, etc.”

Hunting Terror from Ambush: “The hunters set up a trap and lure us wild pigs with feed bait, in order to better shoot us and do so comfortably and cowardly from outside the confines of the trap. We die seldom free of pain and it is never a ”quick death.” Some of my friends and relatives are shot and wounded in the open fields with. ‘Expansion bullets’ which tear blood and intestines out of our severely wounded bodies. Murder is never humane or justified.

Deer Hunter; “Over 60% of the deer you shoot while hunting do not die immediately. Many drag themselves along through the forest for hours and days, severely injured and even some with their intestines hanging out. Fawns watch helplessly as their mothers & fathers bleed to death.”

Video of Hunters 'Legalized Terrorists'


Bear Hunting Video; Nothing is safe from the ravages of mankind. In the video the hunter actually stated many times how beautiful the bear was after he killed it. No asshole...it was beautiful before you killed it!


From Bier Rabbit; “A special favorite for you demented humans is your cruel enjoyment from hunting us field hares. Even though we can run very fast, we don’t have a chance in outrunning your bullets. When the hunter’s round of buckshot hits our tiny bodies we scream in pain, not unlike a little human child. Many shot hares turn several somersaults in the air, screaming from pain, while slowly and painfully bleeding to death.”

Health and the consumption of meat, sausage, fish and poultry is a risk factor for numerous illnesses. The one who wants to live a healthy life should avoid these products. Seen from a dietary-physiological point of view, meat is a superfluous form of nutrition. There is no longer any doubt among experts that one’s dietary needs can met with a vegetarian diet. This is true for all ages With some diseases, for example, high blood pressure, rheumatism or metabolic disorders, a vegetarian way of life is the most sensible therapeutic measure there is. How each person wants to decide about eating meat is up to him, but he should be clear about the consequences.

If you eat animals...you're a cannibal. Video of Ghana Steer Slaughter


Eating meat makes you sick and gives you; Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Clogged Arteries, Strokes and Heart attacks.

• Meat and Diabetes:

A high consumption of saturated fatty acids can lead to an insulin resistance and encourages the development of diabetes mellitus. Animal products generally contain a lot of saturated fatty acids.

• Meat and Obesity:

Saturated fatty acids further the development of being overweight. Being overweight is a risk factor for heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and circulatory disorders.

• Meat and Bones:

On the average, meat products contain more phosphorus then calcium. A raised phosphorus/calcium ratio results in an increased release of calcium from the bones. As some studies have shown, there is a close relationship between a high dietary consumption of phosphates and a raised risk of osteoporosis and broken bones.

• Meat and Cancer:

The National Institute of Health, the largest medical research institution in the world, determined in 2001 an increased risk of cancer with the consumption of red meat. Argentina and Uruguay are some of the world’s largest consumers of beef and also belong to the countries with the highest rates of breast and colon cancer.

A study by the University of Minnesota published in September 2002 shows that the consumption of barbecued red meat promotes the development of pancreatic cancer.

• Meat and Inflammation and Pain: Animal products contain high levels of arachi­donic acid, which forms inflammatory substances. These can lead to the development of neuro dermatitis, inflammation of the small intestines or colon, asthma, arthritis and rheumatism.

• Meat and Heart Attacks and Arterio­sclerosis:
A too-high intake of iron brought on by the consumption of red meat is a dangerous source of free radicals that damage the blood vessels. The risk of a heart attack increases, particularly with men.

• Meat and Depression:

Meat has a negative effect on the psyche. A study in 1998 showed an increased occurrence of anxiety and depression in meat eaters in comparison to vegetarians.

• Meat and Intelligence?

A diet rich in animal protein leads to an increase in cortisone in the blood plasma and saliva. A chronically raised concentration of cortisone damages the hippocampus, which leads to a clear deterioration of memory. According to a study by the Loma Linda University in California, meat-eaters have twice as high a risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer and additional brain, as well as liver, and other organ disorders. Cancer is also prevalent in meat eaters.

The consumption of meat causes needless global suffering with world hunger & extreme environmental pollution.

Causes of Global Suffering; 55 billion “slaughter animals” eat 40% of the worldwide grain harvest, which lands in the factory farms of industrial nations, depriving millions of grain.

In order to “produce” 1 kilo of beef, you need 9 kilos of grain.

The poor nations are coerced and even forced to sell their grain for animal feed to satisfy the bloodthirstiness of meat eaters. We import 60% of the animal feed used in factory farming (grain, soybeans, peanuts, etc.) from developing countries.

For a 200 gram steak, up to 2 kilos of grain are used as animal feed. These 2 kilos of grain would satisfy the hunger of 8 children a day, in which 40,000 of children starve to death every day!

50 million people starve to death every year! If the industrial countries would reduce their meat consumption by a mere 10%, 100 million additional people could be fed. No one has to starve!

“The rich man’s cow eats the poor man’s bread.” MS.

Solid and Liquid Manures: The production of 1 kilo pork generates ca. 15 kilos of liquid manure – US farm animals produce 1.4 billion tons of solid manure per year – 130 times the amount produced by the human population. The nitrates contained in it pollutes the soil, the air and groundwater. The ammonia fumes from manure and slurry is a major contributor to the development of acid rain and dying forests.

Greenhouse Effect: The production of meat releases great quantities of CO2, especially through the burning of the rain forests for ham­burg­er chains. Aside from this, cows produce 100 million tons of methane annually – 20% of the entire emission of this highly poisonous gas.

Rain Forests: Every two seconds an area of forest the size of a football field is destroyed – in great part for planting pastures. 5 square meters of rain forest are cut down to produce one hamburger. The consequences of this destruction for the water and climate cycles of the Earth cannot yet be estimated.

Soil Erosion: The percentage of soil erosion caused by the production of meat and milk is 85% - that is a total of 24 billion tons every year.

Raw Materials: One third of all raw materials are consumed by factory farming; such as, plant foods, fossil fuels, wood and minerals.

Drinking Water: 50% of the entire consumption of drinking water is accounted for in factory farming. For the production of 1 kilo of meat, 100 times more water is used on the average than for the production of 1 kilo of grain or vegetables. And yet, according to the United Nation more than 1.4 billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. An average cow drinks in excess of 40 liters of water a day...everyday! The urine and waste are the main contaminates found in soil and water tables. The bacteria causes E-Coli, which sickens or kills millions of humans each year.

What has eyes, intelligent people do not eat!

Quotes from great minds: Albert Einstein: physicist Albert Einstein.

“Nothing will increase the chances of survival for life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

Thomas Alva Edison: inventor of the light-bulb: “I am a vegetarian as well as a passionate anti-alcoholic, so I can thus make better use of my brain.”

Leo Tolstoy: author: “Eating meat is a left-over of the greatest brutality; the transition to vegetarianism is the first and most natural consequence of enlightenment.”

Leonardo da Vinci, universal genius: Leonardo da Vinci quote; “Man is truly the king of all animals, because his cruelty surpasses theirs. We live from the death of others. We are walking graves!”

Brian Adams, singer: “I have been vegetarian for twelve years. And I have never been seriously ill. Vegetarian food strengthens the immune system. It is a fact that meat makes you sick.”

Mahatma Gandhi, Nobel Prize winner: Mahatma Gandhi; “I think that spiritual growth compels us at a certain point to stop killing our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our physical wants.”

Volker Elis Pilgrim, author: “The meat we eat is a carcass that is at least 2 to 5 days old.”

Albert Schweitzer, physician, Nobel Peace Prize: “My view is that we stand up for treating the animals in a considerate way, by completely renouncing the eating of meat and also by loudly speaking out against it. This is what I do myself. And in this way many a one becomes aware of a problem that was put forward so late.”

Paul McCartney: “One may not eat what has a face.”

Wilhelm Busch, author: Wilhelm Busch“ A true human culture will only exist when not only human gluttony, but all eating of meat is considered cannibalism.”

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright; Nobel Prize winner 1950: “Animals are my friends – and I don’t eat my friends!”

Humans claim to have a soul, but do they really? We justify the slaughter and consumption of meat in believing animals are unintelligent and have no soul. MS

We even slaughter our horses, dogs and cats for food. Video of Slaughtered Horses



Man's Callous Slaughter Of Animals (If a person can do this to an animal...they could do it to a human)


Camel Slaughter in the streets of Pakistan (Consider that these people have nuclear weapons)


“In every animal and all of nature as well, the struggle of specie survival are present: If you believe in God, the om­nipresent universal eternal Spirit, the All-intelligence, then if you processed just a little heart for nature you can sense in the expression of an animal, or in the beauty of a plant, the grandeur of a snowcapped mountain...the song of a bird, or a lake, a waterfall, a white-sand beach and so much more...the Earth is a true paradise and our only home.

Anyone who has ever cared for an animal feels that internally he has grown richer and more conscious of nature. But anyone who hunts and murders animals or builds meat factories and slaughterhouses, or who condones the consuming the flesh of other earthy species...that person’s consciousness will grow ever more narrow, as they are impoverished in their soul.

Posted by Travelers Digest; Mike Smith. Amended on Jan. 27 2008 through Sept. 09-09.
Posted as a Public Service Announcement.

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